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Turned into a podcast.

Heh, lost interest in animating? Equal time with a wall shot as with rest of it.
Nope, make that more time staring at the wall while they argued.

A slow start, but good.

The animation at first had be skeptical, but it quickly shaped up.
Hehe, "Oh, we got a flyer."

Good, now I don't have to watch the actual movie.

I kept hearing from everyone how terrible that movie was, and now that I got that 5 minutes summary of it I don't have to embarrass myself by actually seeing it.

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Too simple

1- keep enemies one one side of you
2- never stop pressing 'A'
3- never lose.

Art's good, though.

Cleared it

I don't see what the trouble was on level 24, "The Mud". You just gotta' work with the teetering and time it right. Fun game.

Delightfully orignal

a nice use of time manipulaton that isn't just Slow/speed, and such.
Not much replay value to it, though.

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Reminds of of some of DJ KaW's stuff

He's not a newgounder, but his songs are in ITG (In the groove; like a better DDR) and they sound something like this. Look up a song called Dawn.
I'm definitly going to recomend this song to a friend so he can StepChart it for a custom ITG song.

Wow, this is totally Kingdom hearts

It sounds almost exactly like one of the songs from it.

I love that beat!

This tune really got my head bangin' to the beat. Definitly a cool track, only with it were longer.

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God rough

I'm sure it'll be an awesome comic with BG's like this.

"Love it or Shove it" Read My first chapter of one of my stories at http://www.fictionpress.com/~featherdragoon Its really good!

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